Pardon my French, but…

Because of globalisation, national governments face more difficulties in collecting sufficient taxes to keep their countries going. Alain Lamassoure, a French member of the European Parliament has found the answer:

“The economic value of today’s globalisation lies in information through transactions in the form of international communication. Why don’t we levy taxes on this value?”

“A small tax on an SMS from Paris to another French city could be allocated to the French government, but taxes on emails or SMS messages from Paris to Rome could be dedicated to the EU budget. In France an SMS costs 15 cents. We could tax it by 1.5 cents, or less.”

“For email, the rate could be as little as 0.00001 Euro. This is peanuts, but given the billions of transactions every day, this could still raise an immense income.”

No wonder the French voted ‘no’ on Europe… On the other hand, it might significantly reduce the amount of spam.

I guess some other Eurpean problems would deserve more urgent French attention, but… that would cost the French government a lot of money.

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