It’s that time of the year again. Looking back upon the things that happened and thinking about the things to come. Sydney is busy preparing for the new year’s eve celebrations and so am I. But at the same time I’m thinking about the changes that are going to come in 2008.

And there will be some important ones. First of all, I’ll be moving back to the Netherlands. After three years, my fellowship at the University of Sydney is coming to an end and so is my stay in wonderful Sydney. As from March this year, I will call The Hague my new home. And another major change for 2008 is me leaving academia. After working in universities for almost 10 years, it’s time for a change. But more about that later. For now, I wish all readers a great new year’s eve and all the best for 2008!!!


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  1. Andrew

    Eric, good luck on your move to the Hague. And while I’m sad to hear you’re leaving academia, I understand the feeling of a need for change. I hope you’ll continue to update your readers on your work and maintain your informative blog.

  2. Erik Ringmar

    Best of luck with your new life. It must be scary with all those changes. You’ll go on blogging though surely?!

  3. Eric

    Thanks Andrew, thanks Erik

    I’ll try to keep on posting after I leave Sydney. I guess I’ll just have to see how things develop next year (and of course whether I’ll find the time). But I have enjoyed it sofar!

    And Erik, I think the changes involved in moving from Australia to the Netherlands are very subtle compared to the ones related to moving from the UK to Taiwan. Although one big change will be tough: I will have to get used to the lousy Dutch weather again.

    As for change… Change doesn’t scare me too much! Monotony and routine do…

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  5. John Kemlin

    I’ll try to persist with advertisment when i leave Sydney. I suppose I should just have to observe how things acquire next season (and of course regardless of whether I will find the moment). However We’ve loved that sofar!

    As well as Erik, I think the changes associated with relocating via Australia towards the Netherlands have become understated when compared to people linked to shifting from the British for you to Taiwan. Even though one large modify will be challenging: I must get accustomed to the actual bad Nederlander climate again.

    In the western world change… Change won’t turn i am as well significantly! Monotony and program do…

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