Podcast University

The University of Washington has a trendy way to teach you about one of the world’s oldest institutions: the university. They podcast a serie of lectures ranging from ‘Human Sexuality’ to ‘Introduction to Macroeconomics’. One of the lectures that you can subscribe to is ‘The idea of the University’. There are also powerpoint slides avaiable here.

Slowly, more lectures are being offered through podcasts. Purdue University and the University of Washington, to my knowledge, have the widest range of lectures available. ‘Productive strategies’ presented a list with links to lecture podcasts a few months ago.

Obviously, this also sparked a debate about the value of this ‘new’ technology. Should professors podcast their lectures on-line? Are iPods educational? Will students decide not to attend classes? On the other hand, wouldn’t it be a good way of reviewing the lectures before an exam? And couldn’t it be very useful for international students that struggle with the language?

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