W-E-B links for Today: Globalisation

What did the internets bring me today? A lot of globalisation…

  • The World and globalisation – Globalisation is globalising. A site by Axel Dreher of the ETH Zurich containing lots of data on economic, social and political globalisation: the KOF index of globalisation.


  • Education & globalisation – There are many many definitions of globalisation and this is the one taught in French textbooks: "globalisation implies subjugation of the world to the market, which constitutes a real cultural danger". Stefan Theil in Foreign Policy on bias and indoctrination in German and French economics textbooks.
  • Blog post on globalisation – The brave men and women of the Australian Customs Service protect Australia from the dangers of globalisation. Mercurius over at Larvatus Prodeo praises the dedication of these fine officers and the hardships they have to endure.

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