THES University Ranking 2007

I have probably written more than I should about rankings, and especially the Times Higher Education Supplement list and its flaws and shortcomings, but I just couldn’t resist… Here is a preview of this years results [last year between brackets]:

1 [1] Harvard US
2 [2] Cambridge UK
2 [3] Oxford UK
2 [4] Yale US
5 [9] Imperial College UK
6 [10] Princeton US
7 [7] Caltech US
7 [11] University of Chicago US
9 [25] University College London UK
10 [4] MIT US
16 [16] Australian National University AU
27 [22] University of Melbourne AU
31 [35] University of Sydney AU

The full top 100 can be found here

For what it’s worth…

Update: Richard Holmes at the University Ranking Watch has plenty of coverage on the issue. See also University World News for a special issue on the THES ranking and rankings in general.

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